Zoya’s PixieDust. Color: Stevie.
It’s a matte polish with a textured glittery finish. I really like it, but I don’t like this particular color (on myself, looks great on others). I have another darker red color that I think will work out better. The instructions say not to add a base coat, but I did add a pink base coat to lighten the color up a little bit. 
I’ve used it once (technically, twice since I immediately removed it and added the pink base and repainted), and I’d hate to have here wasting away because I doubt I use this again. So, I’m just going to give it away.
Edit: It also might’ve gone on too dark in the beginning because I’d just removed a very aggressive blue color that stained my nails and made it look weird until I put the pink on. Either way, still not too taken with the color.
Another pic in different lighting: